Hollistia - The Best Choice for Simple and Sustainable Skincare

Hollistia - The Best Choice for Simple and Sustainable Skincare

About the Brand

Hollistia is a Made in India skincare brand that believes in the power of holistic skincare. The brand's philosophy, based on the idea of "skinimalism," is about using minimal products to achieve maximum benefits for your skin. A variety of high-performing, gender-neutral, minimalist, and multifunctional skincare products are available from Hollistia. In addition to offering clean beauty products, the company also uses sustainable packaging, which helps customers make thoughtful and ethical choices. With Hollistia, you can be assured of achieving healthy skin that is beautiful inside out. 

Saagrika Khera, the brain & heart behind the brand 

Saagrika Khera, the founder of Hollistia, did her MBA in Finance and worked in the corporate sector for 2.5 years before realizing her true passion for skincare. She created the concept of "skinimalism," which served as the foundation for her company Hollistia. Saagrika's father, Mr Sanjeev Khera, who has over 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, helped her bring her vision to life. They work together to give everyone high-performance, affordable, and easy skincare to promote skin wellness and demonstrate that skin minimalism is a reality rather than a passing trend.

Vision Mission and Beliefs of the Brand

The brand's mission is to promote skin wellness by offering high-quality, minimalist skincare products accessible to everyone and to serve as a one-stop destination for all skincare and wellness needs. Hollistia is a proponent of natural skincare that offers long-term, wholesome advantages for the skin and is clean, sustainable, and gender-neutral. The brand also believes in the concept of "less is more" when it comes to skincare and aims to help people embrace and recognize that having healthy skin is a primary ingredient of natural beauty, which is essential in maintaining self-confidence. Hollistia strives to interconnect the skin, mind, and body to promote overall health and well-being.

Products and USPs

The skincare products from Hollistia are manufactured using sustainable materials and packaging. The brand's products are MASCOT SPINCONTROL research centre certified as non-irritant and dermatologically tested for safety. The brand's product range currently includes two multi-purpose products - Hydra Day Shield Sunscreen & Soothe and Repair Barrier Building Cream. All Hollistia products are suitable for all skin types and are gender-neutral. The brand's multifunctional products, sustainable skincare approach, and devotion to the skinimalism principle are some of its unique selling features. Hollistia is dedicated to offering everyone high-performance and affordable skincare and their products are made to support users in achieving healthy and radiant skin inside from within.

The brand offers a refreshing approach to skincare with its minimalist, multi-purpose products that are affordable, effective, and sustainable. It is a thoughtful choice for people looking to invest in their skin's health and natural beauty with the purpose of encouraging skin well-being and adherence to the 'less is more' approach. Choose Hollistia for no-fluff, real results.

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