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Barrier Building Face Cream, Night Cream, Hydrating Serum, Anti-aging Cream

Soothe & Repair Cream

Soothe & Repair Cream

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Hollistia’s Soothe and Repair Moisturizer, a lightweight, super absorbent, deeply hydrating skin cream that instantly soothes inflammation and calms irritated skin while restoring hydration and immunity to the skin.

And if that’s not enough yet, the Soothe & Repair Cream may be used as:

  • Barrier Building Cream
  • Night Cream
  • Hydrating Serum
  • Eye Cream

A pinch of Hollistia’s magic can help you achieve skin that is healed, healthier, plumpier and dewy and make a difference by addressing all of your issues, from dryness to lack of suppleness!

All you have to say is yes to healthier skin!

What's in it?

✓ Pentavitin®
helps in maintaining the skin's natural moisture and keeps the skin hydrated for up to 72 hours.

✓ Allantoin is a calming ingredient that exfoliates, soothes and heals your skin while also rejuvenating it.

✓ Ceramide Complex helps in the restoration of the protective barrier function and anti-aging. Moreover, the ceramide complex of this moisturizer is a systematic blend that matches the natural ceramide formulation of our skin. Thus, it gives you a healthy and happy skin.

✓ Panthenol improves the moisture retention in the skin while also lending a smooth appearance making it look dewy and fresh

✓ Squalane helps treat irritated skin prevents moisture loss and sinks in quickly leaving no greasy residue.

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1. Is Soothe and Repair Cream for specific skin types?
Soothe & Repair Cream has a lightweight yet hydrating formula that is suitable for all skin types.

2. Can this also work as a night cream ?
Yes! Soothe and Repair provides upto 72 hours of hydration without feeling too heavy on the skin, which makes it suitable for anytime of the day (day or night).

However, if you are using it along with our Hydra Day Shield, you may use it at night as the last step in your skincare routine.

3. Can this also work as an eye cream?
Take a generous amount and apply under your eyes for the effect of an eye cream.

4. Is it safe for pregnant women?
Soothe and Repair cream has been dermatologically tested for safety and is safe to be used by everyone including pregnant women.

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Customer Reviews

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Manvika Vasudev
Good for my skin type and Value for money

Highly Recommended! It brings an instant glow, very easily absorbable, and so light. My skin feels so soft and happy. Loved the product so much.

Great Product

Great Product, not oily, gives a good amount of hydration to the skin. Very light on the skin, spreads easily.



Great Product

Great product, not oily, gives a good amount of hydration to the skin. Very light on the skin, spreads easily.